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This plugin allows to modify the WordPress roles assigned by NADI for specific users.




  • Download the premium extension

  • Copy the extracted ZIP file into your wp-content/plugins directory

  • Activate the plug-in in your WordPress plug-in view

  • Make sure that the user your want to manage with the custom role management plugin is already created in WordPress. After that you can confige additional role settings for the user in the plugin configuration page:

    NADI Extension: Custom Role Management - Mapping
  • Save the mapping. With the next login of the user or the next Sync to WordPress run the user roles get updated.

  • Done :-)

Additional information

User not found

If you receive the following error trying to save your mapping:

NADI Extension: Custom Role Management - User not found

the plugin could not find a WordPress user with the entered name. Please make sure the user already exists in the WordPress database and you entered the user_login name correctly.

"Clean Existing Roles" in NADI and this extension

The "Clean Existing Roles" option inside NADI CRM for specific users has a higher value than the global "Clean Existing Roles" option of the main plugin. This means if "Clean Existing Roles" is enabled in NADI Main Plugin and "Clean Existing Roles" is set false for the user "administrator" by this plugin. Its existing roles wont get deleted.

User list information

We also added a new column to the blog user list providing you with information if a user is managed by the NADI CRM extension.

NADI Extension: Custom Role Management - User List

Multisite Support

The NADI CRM extension also supports Multisite environments. You can configure different settings for each blog.


The NADI CRM plugin creates additional logs while performing. Example:

NADI Extension: Custom Role Management - Logs