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next_ad_int_ldap_filter_synchronizable_attributes (array $attributeNames, string $username, boolean $isGUID) : array $attributeNames

Get final attributes which should be synchronized to WordPress


This filter is applied after next_ad_int_sync_ad2wp_filter_synchronizable_users for each user. You can add or unset custom LDAP attributes which should be (or not be) retrieved from the Active Directory.

Return value

array $attributeNames

An array contains Active Directory attribute names


array $attributeNames

This array contains the Active Directory attributes which has been defined by plug-in itself and the NADI administrator. You should not unset any of the internal attributes like 'objectguid'.

string $username

GUID, sAMAccountName or userPrincipalName

bool $isGUID

if $username is a GUID