Next Active Directory Integration

Enterprise-ready WordPress User Management


Allows WordPress to authenticate, authorize, create and update users against Active Directory

Flexible integration of AD data

  • Authenticate against more than one AD Server
  • Authorize users by Active Directory group memberships
  • Auto create and update users that can authenticate against AD
  • Mapping of AD groups to WordPress roles
  • Authenticate your users against Active Directory Domain Services


Enhanced security

  • Use TLS (or LDAPS) for secure communication to AD Servers (recommended)
  • Use non standard port for communication to AD Servers
  • Protection against brute force attacks
  • user and/or admin e-mail notification on failed login attempts

Made for the enterprise

  • SSO (Single Sign On) with Kerberos and NTLM
  • WordPress multisite support
  • Multi-language support (English and German translations already included)
  • Determine WP display name from AD attributes (sAMAccountName, DisplayName, description, SN, CN, givenName or mail)

Next ADI is open source

Our team from NeosIT is a strong believer of open source and therefore Next Active Directory Integration is and will be licensed under the GPL. Ever. You can use it for your or your client’s company without any charge. You can install it, fork it, modify it, even uninstall it!


You can find more information about Next Active Directory Integration for WordPress in our official Documentation.