Next Active Directory Integration

Enterprise-ready WordPress User Management

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Authenticate users at your Active Directory domain.


Authorize users by Active Directory security group memberships.



Synchronize user attributes between WordPress and Active Directory.

Support Plans and Pricing

Next Active Directory Integration is licensed under GPLv3. We as NeosIT GmbH sell support licenses to refinance the development. You can download Next ADI for free. It is open source.

The Challenge

WordPress and its plug-in ecosystem makes it easy to set up a content management system which fulfils everyone’s needs.
In the last years WordPress has also gained a lot of momentum not only for personal sites but also for large businesses.
Administrators of enterprise networks using Microsoft technology usually want to integrate third party applications into their Active Directory environment. This includes the authentication and authorization of users and the synchronization of user profiles.

Innately WordPress is not designed for enterprise environments.

The Solution

With Next Active Directory Integration we have created a great plug-in to integrate WordPress as a CMS for your enterprise. ADI connects your WordPress instances to your Active Directory domain and provide all features you expect from an enterprise-grade tool: Authentication and authorization of users with help of your domain controllers, on-premise installation only without lacking user information out of your network, synchronizing of user profiles in both directions, password policies, Multisite support für multiple organizations and much much more.

Download ADI

Our Next Active Directory Integration plug-in is licensed under GPLv3. It’s free, open source and updated regularly through the WordPress plug-in directory. Check out the code on GitHub.