FAQ – Frequently asked questions about Active Directory Integration for WordPress



For all technical questions please take a look at the FAQ of our official documentation about Next ADI.


Do you offer support through the official WordPress forum?

No. We are visiting the official forum irregulary to answer generic questions or to get feedback from the community. All support is done through a support plan


How is support handled?
  1. Log in with your account.
  2. Open a support case
  3. You get contacted by us via e-mail as soon as possible, no later than the next workday.
What does the plans include?

A plan includes the following items:

  • Fixing of critical bugs which are independent from your Active Directory environment.
  • Answering question about the functionality of Next Active Directory Integration like “How does feature xyz work?”.
  • Ensuring that we can continue the development of ADI.
  • Higher prioritization of feature requests without any guarantee to implement them.
  • The good feeling that you support a truly open source product.

A plan does not include:

  • Answering questions how to set up Next Active Directory Integration like “How do I set up NADI to make it work in my environment?”.
  • Helping you to set up your WordPress/NADI environment.
  • Answering questions about the functionality of Active Directory. Our documentation is very comprehensive.
  • Phone calls/team viewer sessions.
How do you handle remote debug sessions?

In almost all cases we handle support through e-mail. If there is a requirement for a TeamViewer session from our side – as we are suspecting a bug -, we won’t charge any money. In other cases – misconfiguration, “does not work” -, we charge € 105,00 per hour during our business hours. If you need support outside our official business hours, we invoice a 50% extra charge, effectively € 157,50.

After you have asked us for a support session, we will schedule an appointment. Please send us an e-mail with your TeamViewer credentials at least one hour before the appointment.

What are your business hours?

As a company located in Lower Saxony, Germany we are in the timezones CET (UTC+1) and CEST (UTC+2). Our business hours are between 07:30 AM and 4:30 PM.
If you need to schedule a TeamViewer session, please use a timezone converter for Wolfsburg, Germany.

Why are setup questions explicitly excluded?
Each Active Directory environment differs. You know at best how your environment is configured and how to make third party applications work with it. Next Active Directory Integration is open source so you can test it on your own. Please take a look at our SERVICES to get more information.


Do I get a named contact?

No, every support request is handled by one of our employees.


When does my support start?

As soon as you have purchased the plan.


When does my support end?

The supports ends one year after you have purchased the plan: If you have purchased a plan on 2021-12-02, the support will end on 2021-12-01 (including).



Which payment methods do you accept?

We are using Stripe and PayPal as payment processors. You can either use your company's credit card for payment or a PayPal account.

What do I get after buying a plan?

After your purchase you receive an email containing your support plan key. You can enter this key on the NADI configuration page of your WordPress installation(s). Keep this key safe. You will need it to make support requests.

You don't have Next ADI installed? Please download Next Active Directory Integration through the WordPress' plug-in repository.

Do you offer any refunds?

No. After a plan has been purchased or renewed we do not offer any refunds.


We are a United States government institution and need a signed W-8 form

Please get in touch with us so we can send you the required W-8BEN-E formular.

As a UK company we receive the error "Billing VAT ID is a required field" during checkout

Since 2020 there is no technical valid solution available for checking the UK VAT ID. Please send us an email with your customer information. We then create an account for you after having checked your UK VAT ID manually.

As a UK company, do we get the VAT calculated?

Due to the Brexit and as we are doing only B2B transactions, there will be no VAT applied for purchases from the United Kingdom. You, as a company and buyer, are responsible for paying taxes. All invoices have the "reverse charge" hint on it.

Plans and licensing

Does my purchased plan gets automatically renewed?

Yes. The purchased plan will be automatically renewed after the plan's period. You can cancel the subscription at any time.

How is the total number of sites counted?

Each WordPress site with Next Active Directory Integration enabled is counted. In a WordPress Multisite installation each single site is counted as its own site.

Do you provide trials or academic plans?

No. NADI is open source. Feel free to download and test it.  

What is a "Site owner"?

A site owner is the operator of a WordPress instance. This could be you or one of your customers.


How are developer licenses handled?

The support plans do not restrict the number of developers. You can install the premium extenions on each developer machine and each developer can open a support ticket.

The license key is bound to the site owner. You have to check that each developer uses the license key of the site owner for the project she is currently working on.

Can I transfer a support plan to a new site owner?

A support plan can not be transferred to a new site owner. If you have bought a plan for your customer A, the plan is only available for customer A.

For a new customer B, you need a new support plan.

Can the Single Site Plan or Agency Plan be applied to a site in a Multisite environment?
  1. You are allowed to use our premium extenions for a single site in a Multisite environment. We do not offer any support if an error occurs.
  2. A Single Site Plan or Agency Plan does not cover generic NADI support, if the WordPress site is in a Multisite environment.

Due to the risk during support sessions for other sites in a Multisite, Single Site and Agency Plans do not cover support.

To get support for sites in a Multisite environment, please purchase the Enterprise Plan.

For what purpose can the developer license be used?

The developer license can be used to test NADI on your own local WordPress instance or for dev/test/qa environments.


Do I need separate plans for dev/test/qa environments?

No. Your plan is bound to one site owner if your environments are all designated to the same site owner (or project), you can use the plan for any number of environments.