As you might have noticed, the prices and descriptions of our plans have changed. Instead of support licenses we are now selling plans to emphasize that these products do not only contain support but also access to our premium extensions. The prices themselves had to be adjusted to reflect the ongoing development and support costs. With the increased quality of NADI, the demand for support questions has changed. Instead of reporting bugs, most of the questions are located somewhere between NADI configuration and individual Active Directory settings. Since our customer base consists mainly of larger companies and organizations for whom our product offers enormous added value, we have increased our prices. The new pricing structure allows us to not only provide support, but also to continue to develop new features for the plug-in and its premium extensions.
Existing support licenses are not affected by the pricing adjustments.

Our second topic is related to changes of our company. Until 2019-12-31, the company NeosIT GmbH is responsible for the support and existing support licenses. With 2020-01-01 the support will be done by 4ACES Tech GmbH and will probably change again in mid-2020 or 2021. The NADI team you had contact with in the last years stays the same, but the organization behind it will change. For our customers this will not have any impact.

Due to Christmas holidays and the organization changes we’ll have a reduced support capacity from 2019-12-20 until 2020-01-10.