We will release NADI 2.1.0 at the beginning of November. The new release breaks with the logging implementation of NADI 2.0.14:


We completely switched from log4php to monolog. You will now be informed in the php error log if NADI does not have the required permission to create or write to the NADI log file. The NADI logfile is now called “nadi-debug.log”.
We also added an extra button which allows you to persist logging configurations even if your site is not connected to an Active Directory, yet.


We updated Twig to the latest 1.x version. We can not upgrade to 2.x, yet since it required >= PHP 7.0.0.


We fixed a bug, where the second default LDAPS port was not used correctly. Besides that we also improved the adLdapException which now contains the latest Active Directory error code and message.


User attributes are now correctly displayed inside the logfile again in order to provide better debugging.

Premium Extensions

Since we completely replaced the old logging framework in NADI we had to update ALL premium extensions aswell. If you update to NADI 2.1.0 please update all the premium extensions in your environment aswell.