Here is what is new and changed in this release:


  • Added NADI SSO via NTLM
  • Added WordPress Hooks to provide custom API for NADI
  • Added hint for “Cannot increase PHP configuration option ‘max_execution_time’
  • Added notification in case the Active Directory security group could not be found
  • Added custom hook “next_ad_int_user_after_disable” to allow the assignment of WordPress roles to deactivated users
  • Added NADI authentication outside the “wp-login.php
  • Added improved logging for the number of users for “Sync to WordPress”
  • Added SSO installation and debugging to NADI documentation
  • Simplified debug output of LDAP user information
  • Fixed test authentication failing if the password contained special characters
  • Fixed permanent redirection after successful authentication
  • Fixed “The current user is being initialized without using $wp->init()” error when activating BuddyPress 2.7.0
  • Fixed users with long names were not blocked correctly by NADI brute force protection
  • Fixed “Automatic deactivate users” would not change email address of users to email-DISABLED
  • Fixed wrong Base DN leads to exception when running test authentication
  • Fixed with WordPress 4.7+ get_blog_details() gets replaced with get_site()


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